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"Dr Ayanna is very personable and really listens to what you are trying to acheive. She provides advice and guidance of the best treatments to meet your own needs whilst making you feel comfortable throughout. I highly recommend her."

— Miss HC, Hove —

tropical-flowers-images-and-wallpapers-18 copy.jpg

"Dr. Knight has transformed my sagging, acne scarred, aging 40+ skin into a glowing, youthful skin that people compliment! My face has honestly never looked better.
She's very thorough and honest in her advice and I'm extremely pleased with the results. I'd highly recommend her to anyone who wants to feel better about their skin. I certainly do!!"

— Mrs MS, Hove —


"Dr Knight delivers a fantastic service! She has a calm and professional demeanour and listened carefully to my areas of concern. She explained the process thoroughly and I really appreciated that she does a follow up service included in the original price. The results have been wonderful and I'm thrilled with them"

— Miss CK, Brighton —


"Dr Ayanna is very kind, friendly, professional and makes you feel relaxed. I am just over halfway through my chemical skin peel and I can see my skin getting better and better, which no product has ever done for me. Highly recommend. Thank you Ayanna :)"

— Miss MN, Brighton —

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"Highly recommended Ayanna. Warm, friendly and professional . She talks through procedures and makes you feel at ease with any treatment you may have. So glad I came here. Will definitely be going back."

— Mrs GC Brighton —

"Absolutely fantastic. I had BOTOX and was so impressed and very happy with the results.
She is lovely friendly and professional xx"

— Miss JR, London —

"Always friendly, very helpful and informative when asking about different treatments. I've had the obagi treatment system and very happy with the results. Thank you."

— Miss MO, Hayward Heath —

"Dr Knight is very friendly and helpful. I had Botox and was very impressed with the after care. It’s reassuring that Ayanna is a qualified doctor and can also prescribe skincare regimes. Will be coming back."

— Mr MW, Brighton —

"Really loved Dr. Ayanna. She helped me get past my acne problem with my back and she has done a great job! I would definitely reccomend her peeling treatment, which did wonders for my back!"

— Mr NT, Brighton —

"Had my first consultation. I felt confident that Dr Ayanna has my best interest at heart and gave me good advice with my skin issues and course of treatment. I’m looking forward to continue to see Dr Ayanna and get the skin I always wanted."

— Miss AN, Brighton —

"I have been having treatment with Dr Ayanna Knight during the past six weeks and have had extremely good results . Moreover, Ayanna herself is exceptionally professional friendly courteous and a really nice woman. I highly recommend her clinic."

— Mr RA, Brighton —

"Dr Ayanna Knight is fantastic. She is kind, patient, happy to answer any questions and has a gentle manner. This is a very professional clinic where you feel assured you are receiving the absolute best, safe treatment. I cannot recommend her enough!"

— Miss EO, Lewes —

"I had an excellent experience with Dr Ayanna Knight. She is friendly and very professional. I am very happy with the results of the botox and dermal fillers treatment and would not hesitate to recommend Ayanna to anyone who is considering cosmetic treatment."

— Mrs EC, Brighton —

"Fantastic high dose vitamin infusions which helped my energy and wellbeing so much ah whilst undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy. And Ayanna is a lovely lady!"

— Miss AF, Brighton —

"Very useful treatment! I can see significant change after several courses of treatment. Recommend for everyone who may also suffer from acne."

— Miss QC, Brighton —

"Thank you Dr Ayanna Knight! I felt really reassured when you explained all my different options - after my facial my skin looked noticeably refreshed and smooth , see you soon for another treatment!"

— Mrs EM, Brighton —

"As someone who’s suffered with the issues that come with lack of B12, finding Dr Ayanna was fantastic! For anyone lacking in B12 having my injections with Dr Ayanna have made such a difference! I can no longer tell when I’m due for my next one! I would highly recommend the services to anyone, the appointments are fuss free and Dr Ayanna is friendly, professional and has a lovely calming space."

— Miss GW, Brighton —

"I was vaccilant to contact Ayanna cause Iam naturally a shy person especially when it comes to skin or health issues but her attentive and caring professionalism immediately helped me to overcome my fear and provided top and astonishingly grandiose service. Very cosy and serene office equipped with high quality technology. she treated my moles within minutes and absolutely pain free !!! I can highly recommend Dr Ayanna Knight to anyone !!"

— Mr TK, Brighton —

"I wish to highly recommend the treatments by Dr Ayanna Knight. I chose after receiving advice at the consultation process from Dr Knight the following treatments LED light treatment & Botox injections.
I also purchased aftercare products which have resulted in outstanding results for me.
I would highly recommend Dr Ayanna Knight on her professional care and treatments."

— Mr KW, Brighton —

"Dr Ayanna is friendly and warm and mindful .
she ensures your needs are met by precise administration of your treatment .. Dr Ayanna office is informal and is in relaxing beautiful surroundings, with spectacular views where one can relax and enjoy treatment fully."

— Miss DC, Brighton —

"Great work in a friendly, relaxed and professional atmosphere. I'm very happy. Highly recommended."

— Miss SF, Brighton —

"Friendly and professional, Dr Ayanna was sympathetic to my needs, and she answered my questions honestly within my evaluation rather than further sessions. Thank you!"

— Mr MC, Brighton —

"Visited Dr Knight many moons ago and had a glycolic peel through a groupon discount. she's extremely lovely and will advise you well on your options!"

— Miss HL, Brighton —

"I have been very pleased with my treatments . The first was a filler (very natural result) the second was a chemical peel which gave also a good result. Dr Knight is very welcoming and calm which remove all stress. She is also very professional and takes her time to understand her client’s needs.
I can recommend her, Many thanks"

— Miss KT, Brighton —

"I am currently having a 6 sessions of glycolic skin peel for mild acne treatment with Dr Ayanna Knight, she is very professional and friendly lady, in just a matter of few weeks I noticed a great improvement with my skin, it looks brighter and clearer than before, highly recommend her treatment."

— Mr MS, Brighton —

"I completed a course of vitamin drips with Dr Knight. I felt great afterwards and would really recommend the treatment to anyone who feels they need a ‘health boost!’."

— Mrs KC, Brighton —

"Very professional, it is no wonder she is so busy. Recommend without hesitation."

— Mrs HC, Brighton —

"Dr Ayanna Knight is extremely knowledgeable and highly professional. Her treatments are bespoke and tailored to clients needs. I would definitely recommend her services and I can't wait to go back for my facial boosters."

— Mrs JP, Haywards Heath —

"I am delighted with the results achieved following my Botox treatment. I have retained a natural appearance but the deep and harsh furrows on my forehead have been eliminated. I shall certainly continue this course of treatment with Dr Knight."

— Mrs FM, Brighton —

"Chemical peel for post acne marks, noticed significant reduction after a couple of sessions and skin was very smooth and glowing for several weeks. Dr Knight puts you at ease instantly and explains each step clearly."

— Miss AA, Brighton —

"A fantastic place with excellent honest treatment would definitely recommend to friends. The B12 injections are great and I would recommend a course. Very happy !!"

— Mr GH, Brighton —

"Great experience. Would go back again : )"

— Miss ZZ, Brighton —

"I purchased the Obagi Hydrate facial moisturiser from Dr Ayanna Knight and now I wouldn’t use anything else! I had very dry and sensitive skin underneath my eyes and nose, but since applying this cream twice daily, my skin is left feeling smooth and hydrated, without feeling greasy and heavy. My dry skin is so much better and I’m so happy I’ve found this product!"

— Mr JR, Nottingham —

"I recently had two sessions of salicylic acid peel and LED light therapy done with Dr Ayanna knight since I suffer with mild acne, before I went to Dr Knight my face was very dry and was breaking out very badly, so I booked a consultation with Dr Knight not knowing what to expect but when I got there she was very welcoming I felt relaxed she listened to what I had to say and then she explained to me what kind of treatments I needed and how they would benefit my skin, so I went ahead with the treatments and best decision I ever made, after doing my treatments with Dr Knight my face feels and looks really soft and smooth with a glow and my spots have drastically reduce, now when I look at my self in the mirror I can smile before I used to be depressed with how dry and dull it used to be, also the obagi products I was recommended to include in my skincare regimen helped me out a lot, so overall am a very satisfied client and would 100% recommend Dr Ayanna Knight she's an amazing person, thank you Dr Knight ."

— Miss AS, Brighton —

"Dr Ayanna is excellent! She is friendly, professional and listen to you very carefully which makes you feel comfortable. I have recently completed a series of glycolic skin peel treatment and very happy with the result. My skin is now much clearer, brighter and even. I now visit her whenever I feel the need of the treatment to maintain the result. Definitely recommend her treatment without a doubt. Thank you so much Ayanna!!"

— Miss BD, Brighton —

"Dr. Knight was very kind and helpful with my acne treatments. The salicylic peels helped me with my skin concerns, although I still get some cysts and clogged pores."

— Miss AG, Brighton —

"Hi would like to say how pleased i was with my treatment for a tag with Dr knight and her new premises are also a lot nicer to attend"

— Mr IR, Brighton —

"I had chemical peels and LED treatments and looks a million times better! Thank you!"

— Miss KH, Brighton —

"I had a wonderful experience at this holistic health clinic, and would highly recommend it to any like-minded souls who believe in an integrated approach to health, healing and medicine. Hugely knowledgeable, professional and patient, Dr Ayanna Knight seamlessly fuses her medical knowledge as a GP with that of holistic and natural practices, skin care and dermatology, and overall well-being. Also she truly took the time to explain, advise, and replace any concerns with ease. I actually hadn't realised how much time had passed and was amazed at how genuinely compassionate and caring she is to her clients. The treatment I had was the glycolic skin facial. Having never had anything like that before I was a little uncertain (!) but she swiftly put me at ease, while the results were amazing! I would highly recommend Dr Ayanna Knight and her holistic health clinic."

— Miss JM, Brighton —

"Excellent service . Friendly and professional lady . I would definitely recommend Dr Ayanna knight to friends / family . I had a skin peel facial which was wonderful"

— Miss VB, Brighton —

"I'm currently having a course of the LED mask facial and neck treatments with ayanna knight at the cosmetic skin care ,health and wellbeing clinic. In Brighton ,I found ayanna calming and very experienced in what she does,the treatment its self I noticed a difference in my skin after the first treatment its a 30 minute treatment where I get to relax and let the treatment do its magic, perfect for those on the go as there is no down time recovery and its very affordable"

— Miss CW, Brighton —

"Excellent service . Friendly and professional lady . I would definitely recommend Dr Ayanna knight to friends / family . I had a skin peel facial which was wonderful"

— Miss MR, Brighton —

"Dr Ayanna Knight is excellent . She is friendly and professional and makes you feel very comfortable . She has given me lots of helpful advise beyond my treatments - which I really appreciate . I have been seeing her for several months and have had good results - I would definetly recommend Dr Knight."

— Miss JK, Brighton —

"I have my peel with her 10 days ago and I just want to say thank you. She is really professional, friendly and gave to me all support after my peel answering my question. My skin is really much better now. I really recommend her for skin treatment. She always knows what is better for you. I will continue doing peel and more treatments. Thank you Dr. Ayanna Knight."

— Miss CM, Brighton —

"I booked a session for several chemical peel treatments with Dr Knight including the Glycolic Peel facial, hand rejuvenation & Glycolic Pedi-Peel. I suffer with dry skin and these peels left my skin wonderfully soft.
Dr Knight was very knowledgeable and explained the treatment process in full before we started.
I can't wait for my next treatments! Thank you Dr Knight 😊"

— Mrs MW, Nottingham —

"Dr Ayanna Knight delivers exactly what you want, professional and a pain-free treatment as she is a doctor she knows exactly how to inject without a lot of bruising. I would highly recommend her clinic."

— Miss DS, Brighton —

"Excellent clinic with a wide range of great treatments and therapies. Dr Knight is very professional, understanding and kind with her work. Would highly recommend Holistic Health Clinic."

— Miss BA, Brighton —

"What a lovely lady, very professional with amazing results :)"

— Miss LC, Brighton —

"Dr Knight is a perfectionist - so happy with the results of a session with her, she went well above my expectations and provided a relaxing environment with a very professional service. I would highly recommend - especially if you need reassurance that you're making the right choice on beauty treatments. Qualified professional with great customer care and follow-up! Couldn't be more happy. Life changing experience! :)"

— Miss VJT, Brighton —

"I visited Dr Ayanna Knight few times, each time having glycolic skin peel. And every time the results were amazing! Skin has much more glow and looks much healthier and smoother than before the treatment. I believe that regular sessions with Dr Knight are a great way to slow down the ageing process and appearance of wrinkles. At first I was a bit stressed how my skin will look right after the treatment but I had nothing to be worried about - Dr Knight knows well how to achieve the best results for skin. I'm definitely looking forward to the next visit :)"

— Miss AK, Brighton —

"I have recently went to see Dr Ayanna for consultation wanted to have facial peel she is absolutely lovely and proffessional she makes u feel like you are the only customer she takes time to explain everything its a shame i can't have peel now due to the laser hair removal i am on but definetely i will see her after i finish my treatment. I strongly recommend her."

— Miss ZN, Brighton —

"I went in for a treatment with Dr Ayanna Knight. She was very good at making you feel comfortable and explaining all the different steps and what to expect. I would definitely recommend her treatments."

— Mrs JP, Brighton —

"Currently having a course of glycolic peels. Skin feeling much better. Dr Ayanna is very professional and very helpful. Would recommend."

— Mrs NS, Brighton —

"I went to the clinic with overfilled, lumpy, uneven lips. Dr. Ayanna was very helpful, friendly and professional.
I am very happy with the results. I wouldn't hesitate to go back Dr Ayanna in the future for further treatments.
I would recommend her to everyone.
Thank you for all your help."

— Miss MO, Brighton —

"Yesterday I had a Deluxe Mesotherapy session which include a facial peel. Within a couple of hours my skin felt so rejuvenated and today there is certainly a marked difference, my skin is glowing. It certainly needed that boost yesterday as I had tried various over the counter products and not really felt the benefits. The peel has helped immensely as has allowed the Mesotherapy to do it's task and nourish my skin with enriching vitamins. I was a little apprehensive as I tend to have over sensitive skin and was concerned about having possible reactions but a thorough assessment beforehand gave Dr Ayanna Knight an insight into my health and pleased to say I had no reaction or discomfort. I felt totally relaxed throughout and every step of the treatment was explained as she went along. Dr Ayanna Knight is both professional and compassionate and I would thoroughly recommend paying her a visit."

— Mrs AB, Brighton —

"I came to see Dr Knight for chemical face peel and I had 6 sessions of it. I highly recommend it. I has definitely improved my skin. It use to be very oily with occasional breakouts and now it seems much better. Dr Ayanna has explained everything very well and it was a very pleasant experience for me to come to her clinic. Very professional, helpful and friendly as well. Thank you so much"

— Mrs AH, Brighton —

"In the end of last year I visited Dr Ayanna Knight, because I was looking for specialist in lips augmentation. My visit was a gift from my boyfriend. I'm so happy that he choose Dr Ayanna to make me this treatment, because she is absolutly lovely person and professional as well. My lips are bigger now and are better shape. I highly recommend Dr Ayanna and Holistic Health Clinic."

— Miss MWJ, Brighton —

"Dr Ayanna Knight puts you at ease and has an eye for detail so you know you're getting the best treatment. Excellent service and relaxing atmosphere. Will be back in future for more dermal fillers!"

— Miss NA, Brighton —

"Today I had my first Gylcolic Face Peel, as I suffer from chin acne. The whole process, from start to finish, was very welcoming and comforting. Dr Ayanna was very open to any questions and explained everything she was doing and the benefits of this! I highly recommend going to see her as she makes you feel very calm . I'm looking forward to the long term results of the face peel and booking my next appointment."

— Miss HS, Brighton —

"Dr Ayanna knight thank you for my lovely treatments , your clam and friendly manner that put me at ease helped me through my lips and fillers . I would recommend Ayanna to anyone."

— Mrs ML, Brighton —

"I always feel pleased with treatments which I have had and would highly recommend visiting.
She is knowledgeable in her field of expertise and is very friendly."

— Miss KR, Brighton —

"Fabulous. I highly recommend Dr Ayanna who is very attentive and took the time to explain the procedure. Will most certainly be a return customer."

— Miss CD, Brighton —

"I recently had a course of six chemical peel treatments with Dr Ayanna Knight, for treatment of active acne and scaring on my face. The treatments were quick and fuss-free, with very little discomfort. Dr Knight was very helpful, professional and friendly, and I noticed a definite improvement with overall skin tone, as well as reduced breakouts and inflammation. Dr Knight also stocks Obagi skincare products, which she recommended for me to use as a post treatment daily skin care routine, which has also helped improve my skin and acne. I wouldn't hesitate to go back to Dr Knight in the future for further skincare treatments and advice. Thanks again for all of your help."

— Miss PC, Brighton —

"Great professional practitioner :-)"

— Miss CR, Brighton —

"Just had a glycolic skin peel and so pleased after first treatment. Really professional and felt at ease after consultation. So happy booked another appointment already, thanks!"

— Miss CC, Brighton —

"After having a course of glycolic peel my skin has improved greatly , Ayanna is professional , lovely lady who goes out of way to help with appointments times. Thank you Ayanna"

— Mrs AH, Brighton —

"I recently had a Glycolic skin peel as I wanted to tackle the Post Inflammation Hyperpigmentation that had occurred over the years. I feel the peel had almost immediate results and I am in the process of booking a 6 treatment course to further these results. Very friendly and would highly recommend!"

— Mr TM, Brighton —

"It really helped to improve my sun damaged skin. Very thorough and precise approach and good advice about skin care products. Very pleasant and relaxing experience!"

— Mrs UF, Brighton —

"The Chemical Peel I had worked a treat! I often struggle with my spots and previously had quite a bad breakout, however after this treatment my skin has been glowing. It has been a few days and I can definitely see an improvement in the overall smoothness of my skin. Dr Ayanna Knight is wonderful and I highly recommend!"

— Miss KS, Liverpool —

"I had the 70% Glycolic hand peel at her place and I was really pleased with the results!
I was recommended to her from a friend and traveled over an hour to see her. Was most defiantly worth the journey! The service was 10 out of 10 and the professionalism was more than satisfactory! Dr Ayanna Knight is wonderful, I will defiantly recommend her!"

— Miss JM, London —

"I visited Dr Ayanna for a glycolic face peel, she explained in detail the process and immediately made me feel at ease, I was extremely pleased with the results for my fine lines and complexion that I returned for a second peel. I would highly recommend her clinic and services. Thank you Ayanna I will see you in the future for further treatments."

— Mrs JS, Brighton —

"I had a botox facial treatment with Dr. Ayanna Knight and It was a great experience.
It was not painful she was kind and gentle,also I get 20% off from my price,because this was my first treatment with her :)
I am happy with results I recommend to anybody who wants to look fabulous! :) Thank you!"

— Mrs BB, Brighton —

"This was a very nice treatment especially as it included neck and decolletage, my skin looked much better. Would have another but would prefer a stronger peel."

— Mrs CT, Brighton —

"Had a treatment here. Ayanna is brilliant. I can not recommend her enough."

— Mrs BP, Brighton —

"Had a glycolic peel with Dr Ayanna and noticed a dramatic difference straight away! Will definitely be going back for more."

— Miss JP, Brighton —

"Had a lovely facial with groupon voucher, my skin felt really soft afterwards so I will definitely be back!"

— Miss CQ, Brighton —

"I had the glycolic peel and red carpet facial. My skin felt very well hydrated and soft. Will do another session soon!"

— Miss DB, Brighton —

"Dr Ayanna is a warm welcoming professional person giving excellent treatments.A glycolic face peel is wonderful and my skin looked fresh after this treatment.I will be returning for more peels!"

— Mrs SS, Brighton —

"Excellent experience Very professional,very effective I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone to try and feel so much better about yourself"

— Miss NH, Brighton —

"Met Dr Ayanna for the first time today for a facial,she is very professional explains everything she is doing,very nice person will certainly be going back."

— Mrs BP, Brighton —

"Ayanna went out of her way to fit me in for an appointment and took the time to give me a detailed analysis of my skin and concerns. I will be going back very soon."

— Miss LA, Brighton —

"1st class service would highly recommend."

— Miss SE, Brighton —

“Visited Dr Ayanna Knight for skin treatments and am extremely delighted with the results. Very thorough consultation process, professional and extremely high standards, with a fantastic aftercare service. Would highly recommend.”

— Mrs DM, Brighton —

“I'm happy to met Dr Ayanna. She has done my anti wrinkle treatment on my face and she was very cautious with no pain.
I do recommend to everyone who wants to have quality work with quality products ! Dr Ayanna is very patient.”

— Mr AB, Brighton —

“Very friendly and chatty, really gives some good advice letting you know about everything and makes you feel at ease. Overall I would say I'm very happy with the treatment and would defiantly recommend it to anyone.”

— Mr NE, Brighton —

“The experience was very good. Dr Was very professional and helped me relax during the treatment. Thank you.”

— Mrs MM, Brighton —

"Dr Ayanna Knight's brilliant bedside manner is apparent from the minute you meet her. I attended her clinic for a Deluxe Mesolift Facial Treatment and I had no idea what to expect and had been slightly nervous; the treatment combines a glycolic skin peel with a mesotherapy session, both of which she explained to me thoroughly and clearly, and immediately any initial fears subsided. Within 45 minutes, my entire treatment was complete - I already had a much fresher complexion and even my angry frown line seemed to have instantly chilled out a bit. If you’ve been scared off trying any anti-ageing or rejuvenative treatments for fears of burning skin, huge great needles coming at you, or a face that simply can’t express itself – don't worry - not only is it a pain-free and relaxing experience, but Dr. Ayanna Knight knows exactly what she’s doing, and will be doing it for exactly the right reasons for you personally. Can't recommend highly enough."

— Mrs PF, Brighton —

"I had my first ever glycolic peel with Dr Ayanna and I could not be happier with the results. I went for mild but persistent acne and some scaring. I will definitely be coming back! I would highly recommend Dr Ayanna and the treatment."

LB, 26, Student - February 2017

"Today I had my first Glycolic Face Peel, as I suffer from chin acne. The whole process, from start to finish, was very welcoming and comforting. Dr Ayanna was very open to any questions and explained everything she was doing and the benefits of this! I highly recommend going to see her as she makes you feel very calm . I'm looking forward to the long term results of the face peel and booking my next appointment"

HS, 23, Child Care Practitioner - January 2017

"The other reviews just about covers the excellent professional service that Dr Ayanna Knight provides. 5* service"

MM, 66, Retired Nurse - January 2017

"Noticed a massive difference with my skin after 1 glycolic peel. Would highly recommend!"

JP, 31, Admin Assistant - January 2017

"DR Knight was Lovely and made me feel really at ease.
I have my first facial peel with her today and my skin feels amazing!!
I cant wait to have my Vit B12 shot next week.

GO, 38, Self Employed - January 2017

"Fabulous. I highly recommend Dr Ayanna who is very attentive and took the time to explain the procedure. Will most certainly be a return customer."

CD, 55, Social Media Administrator - January 2017

"I had a glycolic facial peel back in November. Dr Knight was very professional, friendly and explained all the steps of the treatment. I was really impressed how my skin was glowing and looked so bright and health . I will definitely have another soon!"

AA, 46, Beauty Therapist - January 2017

"I recently visited Dr Ayanna for a facial peel purchased through Groupon. She made me feel very relaxed and the treatment left my skin lovely and soft. I will be back for more treatments soon!"

NB, 46, Compliance Officer - January 2017

"I had a glycolic peel done a couple of months ago. Ayanna is very welcoming & friendly & wants to make you happy with her treatments. I had no discomfort from the peel- a slight tingling when the peel went on but was comfortable. My skin was lovely & soft after the treatment & felt a lot cleaner & brighter. I Would recommend Ayanna for any of these treatments."

CC, 43, Nanny - January 2017

"I had a chemical peel and loved how comfortable I was made to feel. So attentive and so patient with her time. I highly recommend going to Ayanna for any type of treatment, with her you are absolutely in the right hands"

RG, 34, Customer Service Assistant - January 2017

"Today I attended an appointment with Dr Ayanna Knight for a Glycolic Peel on the face and neck. Dr Ayanna was very professional carrying out an assessment first and very thorough with the treatment details and aftercare. I was asked if I wanted a drink of water and was made to feel very welcome and listened to. Laying down my skin was first cleansed and then the peel was gently applied. A cool feel when applied but a tingling sensation ensued but very mild. After two minutes the peel was cleansed off and neutralising solution was added to my face and neck. Afterwards a vitamin C cream was applied and a sunscreen for leaving the clinic. I will definitely go back for another treatment in the new year and keep up looking after my skin. Thank you to you Dr Ayanna Knight, I felt confident and pleased with the treatment."

DG, 54, Counsellor - January 2017

"I went to the clinic with overfilled,lumpy,uneven lips. Dr. Ayanna was very helpful.friendly and professional.
I am very happy with the results. I wouldn't hesitate to go back Dr Ayanna in the future for further treatments.
I would recommend her to everyone.
Thank you for all your help."

MO, 33 Nail Technician - December 2016

"Big thank you to Dr Ayana. My skin looks and feels fantastic"

IS, Beautician - April 2016