This specialist treatment programme from Obagi is an 18 week skin transformation system for Melasma, Pigmented Sun Damage and Acne bringing your skin to optimum health. It instigates skin cell turnover over three skin cycles, normalising the epidermis and plumping the dermis as it stimulates the collagen and elastin.



RESTART - Phase ONE: Week 1-6

During this initial stage of using Obagi Nu-Derm, the top layer of the skin is exfoliated, removing dull old skin cells to help promote new cells to come to the surface. Penetration of the skin care system below the surface of the skin begins to correct signs of ageing and acne flares and you will notice a more even-toned appearance of your skin. During these early weeks your skin is adapting to this system which includes active ingredients such as hydroquinone and tretinoin. We advise clients to expect to experience itching, dryness and redness that should subside by the end of phase one.

RENEW - Phase TWO: Week 7-12

During this phase your skin is now adjusting to the system. You will notice smoother, softer and clearer skin. Skin will produce normal, healthy cells with pigment cells distributing melanin more evenly. Dr Knight offers full aftercare and complementary follow up appointments throughout the skin transformation process to monitor and review your progress to ensure the best results for your skin.

REGENERATE - Phase THREE: Week 12-17

During these weeks your skin cells will be in the full process of transformation. You will see your skin is becoming clearer, naturally hydrated and more evenly toned with improved texture.

RETAIN - Phase FOUR: Week 18+

The Nu-Derm Transformation System guarantees results for your skin. At the end of the system you will have radiant, even-toned and resilient skin with significant improvements to skin concerns including hyperpigmentation, ageing skin and sun damage. To continue to enjoy your restored skin health and refreshed complexion results need to be maintained. Following the Nuderm System a final review will be arranged with Dr Knight to discuss an ongoing skin care regime to maintain your results and prevent any future skin damage.



1. Gentle Cleanser

2. Toner

3. Clear

4. Exfoderm®

5. Blender®

6. Obagi Hydrate®

7. Sun Shield Matte Broad Spectrum



Obagi Nu-Derm Trial Skin Care Kit:

Obagi Nu-Derm Transformation System:

Obagi Nu-Derm System plus Obagi Blue Peel:



Our Doctor LED skin clinic is the No 1 Obagi stockist for Brighton & The South East. Dr Knight offers a premium service offering each client full medical consultation & skin health assessment, diagnosis of your skin concerns following face to face examination and full discussion of the recommended skin care programme tailored to your individual skin health and desired results.

As Dr Knight is a fully registered GP, prescription only medication (POM) products from Obagi such as Hydroquinone and Tretinoin can be prescribed during consultation allowing you to receive your products without delay.

As well as offering free consultation for our skin health assessment, Dr Knight offers full aftercare and complementary follow up appointments as required to review your results and adjust your skin care plan to ensure the best results for your skin.