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“Visited Dr Ayanna Knight for skin treatments and am extremely delighted with the results. Very thorough consultation process, professional and extremely high standards, with a fantastic aftercare service. Would highly recommend.”

— Mrs DM, Brighton —

“I'm happy to met Dr Ayanna. She has done my anti wrinkle treatment on my face and she was very cautious with no pain.
I do recommend to everyone who wants to have quality work with quality products ! Dr Ayanna is very patient.”

— Mr AB, Brighton —

“Very friendly and chatty, really gives some good advice letting you know about everything and makes you feel at ease. Overall I would say I'm very happy with the treatment and would defiantly recommend it to anyone.”

— Mr NE, Brighton —

“The experience was very good. Dr Was very professional and helped me relax during the treatment. Thank you.”

— Mrs MM, Brighton —

"Dr Ayanna Knight's brilliant bedside manner is apparent from the minute you meet her. I attended her clinic for a Deluxe Mesolift Facial Treatment and I had no idea what to expect and had been slightly nervous; the treatment combines a glycolic skin peel with a mesotherapy session, both of which she explained to me thoroughly and clearly, and immediately any initial fears subsided. Within 45 minutes, my entire treatment was complete - I already had a much fresher complexion and even my angry frown line seemed to have instantly chilled out a bit. If you’ve been scared off trying any anti-ageing or rejuvenative treatments for fears of burning skin, huge great needles coming at you, or a face that simply can’t express itself – don't worry - not only is it a pain-free and relaxing experience, but Dr. Ayanna Knight knows exactly what she’s doing, and will be doing it for exactly the right reasons for you personally. Can't recommend highly enough."

PF, Magazine Editor - February 2017

"I had my first ever glycolic peel with Dr Ayanna and I could not be happier with the results. I went for mild but persistent acne and some scaring. I will definitely be coming back! I would highly recommend Dr Ayanna and the treatment."

LB, 26, Student - February 2017

"In the end of last year I visited Dr Ayanna Knight, because I was looking for specialist in lips augmentation. My visit was a gift from my boyfriend. I'm so happy that he choose Dr Ayanna to make me this treatment, because she is absolutly lovely person and professional as well. My lips are bigger now and are better shape. I highly recommend Dr Ayanna and Holistic Health Clinic."

MJ, 30 - February 2017

"Today I had my first Gylcolic Face Peel, as I suffer from chin acne. The whole process, from start to finish, was very welcoming and comforting. Dr Ayanna was very open to any questions and explained everything she was doing and the benefits of this! I highly recommend going to see her as she makes you feel very calm . I'm looking forward to the long term results of the face peel and booking my next appointment"

HS, 23, Child Care Practitioner - January 2017

"The other reviews just about covers the excellent professional service that Dr Ayanna Knight provides. 5* service"

MM, 66, Retired Nurse - January 2017

"Noticed a massive difference with my skin after 1 glycolic peel. Would highly recommend!"

JP, 31, Admin Assistant - January 2017

"DR Knight was Lovely and made me feel really at ease.
I have my first facial peel with her today and my skin feels amazing!!
I cant wait to have my Vit B12 shot next week.

GO, 38, Self Employed - January 2017

"Fabulous. I highly recommend Dr Ayanna who is very attentive and took the time to explain the procedure. Will most certainly be a return customer."

CD, 55, Social Media Administrator - January 2017

"I had a glycolic facial peel back in November. Dr Knight was very professional, friendly and explained all the steps of the treatment. I was really impressed how my skin was glowing and looked so bright and health . I will definitely have another soon!"

AA, 46, Beauty Therapist - January 2017

"I recently visited Dr Ayanna for a facial peel purchased through Groupon. She made me feel very relaxed and the treatment left my skin lovely and soft. I will be back for more treatments soon!"

NB, 46, Compliance Officer - January 2017

"I had a glycolic peel done a couple of months ago. Ayanna is very welcoming & friendly & wants to make you happy with her treatments. I had no discomfort from the peel- a slight tingling when the peel went on but was comfortable. My skin was lovely & soft after the treatment & felt a lot cleaner & brighter. I Would recommend Ayanna for any of these treatments."

CC, 43, Nanny - January 2017

"I had a chemical peel and loved how comfortable I was made to feel. So attentive and so patient with her time. I highly recommend going to Ayanna for any type of treatment, with her you are absolutely in the right hands"

RG, 34, Customer Service Assistant - January 2017

"Today I attended an appointment with Dr Ayanna Knight for a Glycolic Peel on the face and neck. Dr Ayanna was very professional carrying out an assessment first and very thorough with the treatment details and aftercare. I was asked if I wanted a drink of water and was made to feel very welcome and listened to. Laying down my skin was first cleansed and then the peel was gently applied. A cool feel when applied but a tingling sensation ensued but very mild. After two minutes the peel was cleansed off and neutralising solution was added to my face and neck. Afterwards a vitamin C cream was applied and a sunscreen for leaving the clinic. I will definitely go back for another treatment in the new year and keep up looking after my skin. Thank you to you Dr Ayanna Knight, I felt confident and pleased with the treatment."

DG, 54, Counsellor - January 2017

"I went to the clinic with overfilled,lumpy,uneven lips. Dr. Ayanna was very helpful.friendly and professional.
I am very happy with the results. I wouldn't hesitate to go back Dr Ayanna in the future for further treatments.
I would recommend her to everyone.
Thank you for all your help."

MO, 33 Nail Technician - December 2016

"Big thank you to Dr Ayana. My skin looks and feels fantastic"

IS, Beautician - April 2016


> Highly trained medical professional with over 10 years of clinical experience. Trained in advanced aesthetic procedures including Lip Enhancement, Cheek Augmentation, Hand rejuvenation and advanced Botox treatments.

> Premium products including Allergan Botox, Juvederm Fillers and OBAGI Skin Care to maximise results.

> Doctor led clinic with a commitment to patient safety. Ongoing training to keep up to date with the latest aesthetic procedures and medical developments.

> Complimentary consultations with full medical assessment to assess suitability for treatment and to tailor a treatment plan to suit your individual needs.

> Close post treatment follow-up to attend to any concerns, review results and ensure patient satisfaction.